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The main rules of life

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It’s time to check your landmarks and outline immediate and long-term goals. The 12 rules of life, which Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson spoke about in his bestseller, will help us with this. His book is devoted to the ethical principles of life, which are based on biology, myths, religion and scientific research, and in general – on the opposition of order and chaos, which is full of human life. So, the most important rules!

Rule # 1. Stand straight with your shoulders back. Our body is not just a body, but also a soul, they are inextricably linked. Straightening up, you push your spirit towards positive changes, towards a different, higher status.

Rule # 2. Treat yourself with the utmost responsibility. Ask yourself what your life would be like if you took proper care of yourself – improving your health, expanding knowledge, and strengthening your body.

Rule # 3. Be friends with those who want the best for you. You shouldn’t give moral support to someone who makes the world worse, says Peterson. Your friends, like you, should strive to improve it, and you should choose your friends on this principle.

Rule # 4. Compare your accomplishments today with yesterday’s. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not who someone else is today, Peterson advises.

Rule # 5. Don’t let your kids do what you don’t like. Clear rules and the necessary discipline help the child get used to order and avoid chaos. This is the duty of every good parent, says Peterson.

Rule # 6. Before criticizing the world, clean up your own house. Assess your options, put things in order in your own thoughts and your own home, before criticizing the world. If everyone did this, the world could be a wonderful place.

Rule # 7. Do what makes sense, not just easy and accessible. The meaning is directed towards the future, towards a better world, which must be built by all together.

Rule # 8. Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie. Truth is always useful, though not always pleasant. Peterson believes that everyone in heaven is telling the truth, and that is what makes him heaven.

Rule # 9. The person you are listening to may know things that you do not know. Together with the interlocutor, you are looking for the truth.

Rule # 10. Be precise in your speech. Articulating and writing down your desires clearly will help pave the way for them.

Rule # 11. Do not forbid children to ride a skateboard. The same forces that prevent boys from becoming men will sooner or later begin to interfere with girls when they try to get back on their feet. Weak men are more dangerous than tough men, says Peterson, just before the danger is clear. So you shouldn’t interfere with your kids’ skateboarding.

Rule # 12. If you come across a cat on the street, pet it. A person who petting a cat (dog, any other animal) gets more light on a good day and a little respite on a terrible day. This is a reminder that the miracle of being is worth all the suffering that accompanies it.

Learn more about the 12 rules of life and vaccinate yourself against unprecedented chaos!

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