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Should You Host Your Website In Thailand? Here Are 3 Compelling Reasons Why

Thinking about making money online? How about owning your own blog, e-commerce store, or just a simple 3 paged mini site? Or maybe you simply want a bigger online presence for your existing business.

Well whatever your online business dreams are, you can definitely achieve them. The internet business lifestyle can be very rewarding and lucrative, and a good online presence can boost any real world business.

But before you get started, one of the first things you’ll need is A WEBSITE, a self- hosted website. 

For that, you’ll need to choose the right webhosting company to host it for you, and that can get a little complicated.

One important thing you should consider in choosing a hosting company is deciding whether to host your website with an international one, or locally.

They both have their own pros and cons, and people who would firmly support one over the other.

But if you’re going to run your business from Thailand or Asia, and cater to customers who live in Thailand and in its neighbouring territories, it makes perfect sense to want to have your site hosted local to your customers, and here are a few reasons why.

First of all, the closer your website server is to your target audience, the faster they’ll be able to access your site. 

Now even though information travels fast (in mere seconds), it still has to travel, and the farther away a customer is from a hosting server, the longer it will take them to load your site.

So a customer in Thailand trying to access your site that’s hosted all the way in the US  or Amsterdam will have a slower connection than if the site was hosted locally.

And people’s attention spans get shorter and shorter every day, so a slow loading website could mean the difference between an increase in profits, or losing money and customers daily due to a slow website (and them possibly not even seeing it).

Local hosting can also considerably cheaper than hosting internationally. Popular big name hosting companies often operate in countries where there is heavy taxation and higher business operating costs.

But in Thailand you can enjoy stable and lightning fast hosting services for just a fraction of the international costs. Even when the cost is the same, local servers are better for local customers. 

You save money on business expenses and make more profits. It’s a win-win.

Thailand is also one of the top 5 destinations for internet marketers and online business owners, who want to live the 4 hour week lifestyle filled with wealth, travel, sandy beaches and freedom. That says a lot. 

It shows that even foreigners earning up 6 figures, who could afford to host and run their online business from anywhere in the world, still come all the way down here to Thailand to do business.

So why shouldn’t you? You too can one day live the internet lifestyle; all you need to get started is a website and an idea.

And you can get your own website up and running RIGHT NOW with as little as 80 baht per month on a Starter Hosting plan from 21st Thailand Web Hosting.

21st Thailand hosting is a world class web hosting company with servers based in Bangkok, Thailand.

With their European & Thai managed, Enterprise class Bangkok servers, they have truly brought international standard hosting to the local scene.

With plans for small time business and large international corporations alike, you will definitely find something tailored to your needs and budget.

All Thailand hosting plans provide you with stability, quick loading speeds, backups and more.

Everything is also made simple and easy with 1 click installations, so that even if you aren’t tech savvy at all, you can still set up a basic website from scratch.

And for any problems you might encounter, there is a friendly team of customer service agents to help you out.

So whether you’re a local, an expat or just a passing tourist who’s looking to set up a website or an online business right here in Thailand, then 21st Thailand Hosting has you covered.


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