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Find your favorite Disney characters in the Showcase Collection of this shop

Do you dream of always having your favorite Disney characters by your side? The Kid Collector shop sells figurines of these world-famous heroes and villains that will look great on your nightstand, desk or shelf. The Disney Showcase Collection consists of unique designs of classic characters like Snow White, but also statuettes of more recent additions to the franchise, like live-action Maleficent. You will not regret buying your items from this shop, since there are multiple advantages to doing so, as explained below.

This comic shop offers stunning figurines and fast shipping

Take a look at their collection online or in the shop and you will see that there are plenty of hand-painted designs to choose from. For example, this shop offers unique anniversary releases from Alice in Wonderland, Art Deco inspired designs of several princesses, Christmas-themed pieces and more from the Disney Showcase Collection. It is also possible to place a pre-order for a statuette that has not been released yet. If the figurine or packaging is lightly damaged, you will be able to get it for a reduced price. What a great deal! If you place your order online, you will be able to admire your purchase in person very soon. Unless it is a pre-order, your items will be shipped within one to four business days. You are also very welcome to take a look at their extensive collection of Disney statuettes in person by visiting the shop. That way, you are really able to appreciate the stunning details on every piece.

Purchase your statuettes from this shop

The Kid Collector shop guarantees fast shipping, high-quality pieces and plenty of characters to choose from. Whether you are a fan of Disney villains, animals or heroes, you will certainly find a beautiful figurine in the Disney Showcase Collection that this shop offers. So do not hesitate and order your pieces online or pay this shop a visit.