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Everyday things that are worth something

If it seems like people are trying any and everything to make some extra money on the side of their jobs or school, that’s because they are. The world is becoming more and more expensive and for people with a lot of money that won’t bother them much. But for the majority of the world, the rise in costs is seriously damaging. So, finding an easy side hustle has become all the rage in the last few years. One of the ways people decide to make some extra cash is by selling things they have that they don’t use.
It’s a great idea that a lot of people can benefit from. If you are thinking about starting a quick side hustle, this idea is easy and can get you a good amount of money. Of course, it depends mostly on whether what you want to sell is valuable enough. In this list, we compiled a few everyday things that you may have that can be worth an agreeable amount.

Old toys

Thanks to collectors, the market for vintage toys has been pretty successful for years. This goes for dolls, action figures, puzzles, and even board games. The less the toy has been used, the fresher and ‘newer’ it is perceived, and the more valuable it becomes. So if you have a wonder woman action figure in its box in your parents’ attic, you may want to check how much it can go for. Even if it’s not as valuable as the toys that are still in their box, some parents might be looking for some inexpensive toys, so you can still get money from your old toys.

Old gaming systems/consoles

If you have any old gaming systems or consoles that you don’t use anymore, you can also sell those! They go for more money if they are in good condition and all the parts are together. Bonus points for you if you have some games that can go along with it. There are people out there who are always chasing nostalgia, and that means buying an old Nintendo Dsi to play some Mario kart.

Internet Protocol version 4

Every computer and computerized device in our homes uses IPv4 to be able to communicate with each other through the internet. Some people have some extra IPv4 that they don’t use at all and are just left without a second thought. However, this could be the most valuable item you are not using and are willing to sell. If you want to sell IPv4 you will need to contact an IP broker. The process of getting money from IPv4 is a bit less simple, but it can be worth it.

Record players and vinyl

As mentioned before, people love chasing nostalgia. And that also means nostalgia for an era they may have never lived in. Millennials and Generation Z love vintage things, so it was no surprise that a few years ago it was popular to have a record player and vinyl (bonus points if they were albums from the 70s or 80s). So, if you have a record player that can still be used or just slightly damaged, you can definitely sell it. This of course could be sold for a higher price when sold with vinyl. Vinyl on its own also has a good market.