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Buy a new or used diesel generator

Do you want to buy a diesel generator for your company? Then Flanders Surplus NV is definitely the company for you. This expert specializes in buying and selling diesel generators. Furthermore they sell gas generators as well. This company is located in Waregem, nearby Kortrijk. This expert offers both brand new diesel generators and used diesel generators. Do you want to buy or a sell a diesel generator? This specialist has everything that your diesel generator might need. They sell many different kinds of generators.

A wide array of generators to choose from

When you are using machinery and products that require a diesel generator, it is important to choose a generator that suits your needs. Especially when you go to the company site in Waregem, next to Kortrijk as they have many different brands and models to choose from. They sell generators of the established brands such as Caterpillar, Volvo and Mitsubishi. When you want to know more about a brand or specific model, they carry many different product specifications on their website. You can always contact their advisors to help you find the model that suits your company best. Have you found a suitable model? Then you contact their representatives to give you an estimate. Besides diesel generators, you can find engines, gas generators, transformers and radiators as well.

Sell your current equipment when you choose to upgrade

Are you upgrading your diesel generators to newer and better machines? Have you considered selling your old models to this dealer of generators? Instead of just throwing them away, you could possible earn a decent amount of money by selling them. Flanders Surplus NV can buy your old generator and sell it to someone who has a purpose for it. Whether you want to buy a diesel generator or sell your own model, you can easily contact this company.