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 E-Learning ‘Entrepreneurship’: 


Growing through knowledge, insights, tools and tips, 


allowing you to build an even better future for yourself.


Order the E-Learning ‘Entrepreneurship

Through the E-Learning ‘Entrepreneurship’ we enable you to start your business, greatly improve your business or even take the first steps towards selling your business. This E-Learning immediately generates a lot of value for you as an Entrepreneur (to be)!

Also applicable for anyone (e.g. students) who needs help with the preparation of a business plan. 

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What I can do, you can do too….

The Entrepreneurship E-Learning consists of:


11 modules, with 24 videos (5 hours+ HD quality video)

20+ useful and applicable tips and tools

High quality content and business tips & tools

Start your business or improve your business immediately

Watch the videos at your pace. Where, when and as often as you like

4 powerful bonuses:

– Excel model for planning and keeping track of the results of your business

– PowerPoint template ‘Business plan

– PowerPoint pitch deck

– Business Model Canvas (fillable + example)

All together this E-Learning represents a value of several thousand Euros it cost us to put this program together for you

You invest €297,- 👉 now only: € 197,-

And…. if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your money = no risk…. use your summer smartly and invest in yourself!

‘This E-learning has helped me improve the results of my business very quickly’

– Frederique Helling-Smeets –


My journey into entrepreneurship, and this E-learning, began in 2006. I started at a large Dutch Bank and since then I have been speaking to entrepreneurs on a daily basis. And even though all entrepreneurs are different, they also often have the same issues. From the start of your business, through to improving it and selling it. 


I myself took the step to become an entrepreneur in 2 times: 1st step in 2015 together with a partner, and with the 2nd step since 2021 I am fully independent. 


Why I became an Entrepreneur: I want to reach a large audience, and really help create a better future by motivating you to become an Entrepreneur too. 


That is really my conviction. And this E-learning ‘Entrepreneurship’ makes that possible. 


Just the bonuses you get when you purchase the E-learning are very powerful and complete. 


You get as a bonus:


Financial Analysis model for shaping your plans, with linked financial KPIs (Critical Performance Indicators)

Business plan template in PowerPoint to shape your plans

PowerPoint pitch deck

Business Model Canvas (example), for an analysis of your plans. 




Suppose you don’t invest?

Imagine you’re playing the most famous game in the world: Monopoly. And then imagine you don’t buy anything and you don’t invest in generating an income. Imagine driving around alone, and every time you pass ‘Start’ you only receive a salary of €200…. you try not to end up in prison (logical!) and every round you give all your money to the ‘rich’ who do invest…

 That’s how most people live, they don’t invest in themselves and just keep going around in circles. You can do much more. Invest in yourself, start your own business, improve your business and get a better future! 


Push the button below and you can start immediately, without risk (no good = money back)



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